Cross Town Shootout Inflatable Game




Interactive Inflatable Cross town Shootout Game Rental

A & S Play Zone has the best inflatable rentals in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus. One of these amazing inflatables includes a fast-paced competitive Cross Town Shootout basketball inflatable game will have participants offering up their best shots, in this dueling basketball game unlike any other. Each player can engage in a crossover shooting action. Then they try to make baskets, and as the ball return from each shot then it goes into the opponent’s lane. The first player to get rid of all their basketballs rules this inflatable court. This spirited inflatable game features full basketball court imaging sure to attract plenty of future NBA stars! Not only does it attract future NBA stars, but also all ages can try this competitive inflatable. It offers people of all ages to compete to see who is the best at the party.

This inflatable rental allows people to compete and it allows them to have fun with their friends and family. This inflatable is not an ordinary, everyday basketball shoutout game. The basketballs crossing over into the oppenets lane adds more fun and excitement into the game. Also the fun colors on the inflatable adds the little extra you are looking for. When you rent this for your party, we want it to be fun and easy for you. By doing so we come and set up and tear down the inflatable. Not to mention the basketballs are also provided with the Cross Town Shootout.

This Basketball Inflatable game also goes great with all our other sports inflatable, like the wiffle ball classic, Triple Play, the boxing ring, and more. Any of these inflatable attractions can be found on our website. You can also see the inflatable sports games on our Facebook,  our twitter page. If you see anything that interests you, please call 513-315-9110 or 937-885-5454 for more information.