Human Foosball



Inflatable Human Foosball Rental

One of A&S favorite inflatable rental is the Human Foosball Rental. It is a massive ten player inflatable! This inflatable has bungee straps for ten people to climb in. Once everyone is in, a ball is thrown in. Each player passes the ball to a teammate in an attempt to score in the opposing teams goal. The other team tries to stop them from scoring and putting it into their goal. In addition to ten players being able to play, friends and families can gather around the watch through the netting on the side of the inflatable court. This inflatable adds the finishing touch to any party. It allows tons of people to interact and compete, while having fun.

This inflatable will play a huge role in making your party great. It really gets people up and moving and having a great time. If you want to add even more to the party, we have other great rentals that go great with this massive inflatable. Some of these inflatables would include the Inflatable Twister 3-D, Jousting Arena 4 Person, Life Size Sized Simon, and tons more! We have almost everything to make any party great. All of these inflatables are great for any ages and every one always has a blast on them.

In conclusion, you can see any of our inflatables on our website. You can also see any inflatable in action at our YouTube channel. These will be the best option for you to figure out which inflatable rental works best for you. If you have any other questions or are ready to book your bounce house rental, please call a representative at (513)-315-9110 or (937)-885-5454. A&S has been up and running since 2003 and they know what will make your party amazing for everyone at it. It is guaranteed to be and unforgettable event.