Inflatable Boxing Ring Rental




Interactive Inflatable Boxing Ring Rental

The Interactive Inflatable Boxing Ring Rental is an A&S classic! It allows people to get to try the sport of boxing in a safe way. This inflatable is a huge blow up square with netting on the side. On the corners of the inflatable there are fun characters and it is very brightly colored. This allows the inflatable to catch everyone’s eyes. Therefore two people get into the ring with head gear and large gloves. Then someone says GO! Then the two opponents start hitting each other. In the boxing ring, two people box until one goes down or gives up. It gives people the feel of being in a real boxing ring, while being safe and harmless. This fake boxing ring allows people to get involved with the party and have a good time. It would be a great addition to any party.

To make the party even better, You can combine the boxing ring with other inflatables. Also our selection of inflatables is huge, but the best inflatables to go with this are Knock Your Block Off, Jousting Ring, Dunk Tank, and So much more. Our selection is endless! All of these inflatables involve a fun and friendly competition.  It shows who is the best at the party! Also these inflatables make the party an amazing and unforgettable experience for all ages.

If you want to see these inflatables and how they work, please feel free to take a look at our YouTube channel. In addition to YouTube, you can check out our Twitter or Facebook.Trying to figure out the best inflatable for your party, with all the options can be hard and A&S understand that. Don’t hesitate to call anyone at (513)-315-9110 or (937)-885-5454. So call today before it is too late because we bring out the fun in everyone.