Defender Dome




Defender Dome Interactive Inflatable Rental

A&S Play Zone is happy to have the blowup Defender Dome available for rental in our inventory, voted the best interactive inflatable of the year! This giant defender inflatable has four elevated stands for opponents to stand on. Inside the inflatable, the floor is a padded blue that peaks in the center. This design is created to accommodate inflatable balls. Like dodge ball, the inflatable is designed to be used with playground balls. That are the same colors as goals surrounding the bouncy inflatable. It is up to the participants to imagine something creative and fun!

Here are a few options. Maybe have a person guard each goal, while trying to score their colored ball into an opponent’s goal. Another one maybe throw two balls of each color in. Perhaps only using feet or hands to play some of these games. Lastly, one competitor could guard a goal, while a friend tries to score! There are so many ways to have fun with the defender dome.

This awesome multiple use game of inflatable blowup makes it an extremely popular rental item for teenage kids and older. It is especially popular at events like Dayton after proms, Cincinnati church lock ins, or Ohio college campus events. A&S Play Zone will bring this item to the Tri State area including Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, and rents especially frequently in the Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton area! Be sure to check out the inflatable blowup Defender Dome for rental at your school event, after prom, or Barmitzvah!

For more information give us a call at 937-885-5454 or at 513-315-9110 or go to our website. Also come in and check out what all we have to offer at 300 Conover Drive, Franklin Ohio.  We would love to have your business.

Check this inflatable out on our YouTube channel!