Jousting Arena 2 Person




Inflatable Jousting Arena 2 Person

The Inflatable Jousting Arena is the next best thing for your party! Two people can enjoy this inflatable at once! Both players climb into the ring and stand on an inflatable pad. Both players are handed an over sized jousting stick and head gear. They hit each other until one falls off their inflatable pad. Even though this inflatable sounds unsafe, A&S can guarantee it is very safe for everyone. This rental is made for everyone to enjoy a friendly competition and laugh a lot. This inflatable rental will leave everyone at your event with a smile and they can take home some new memories.

Does this sound like something you want at your next big event? Perhaps you have a corporate or business picnic, where everyone gets a chance to battle the boss one on one. Maybe you have to have a bracket style competition to see who can be king of the joust. We would also recommend you to use them at things like graduation parties and college events. Everyone at these events where very happy with the turnout from the inflatable jousting. Another great thing is if you are hosting an even larger festival or event, A&S Play Zone offers a 4 Person Joust, with four pedestals. There are a number of items that go great with the jousts, including our Defender DomeBoulder Dash, and Demolition Ball. Each game allows multiple people to compete to see who is the best!

Finally, if these inflatables, or any of our other huge selection, interest you please call our office today at (513)-315-9110 or (937)-885-5454 and our friendly staff will be willing to book the inflatable for you. A&S staff has been around for a long time and will also be able to answer any other questions you have.