Derby Horse Track




Interactive Inflatable Derby Horse Track Party Rental

The inflatable rental Derby Horse Track is a great rental to add excitement and fun to any party. The track gives people the feeling of racing on a big stage, just like the Kentucky Derby. This four lane inflatable horse track adds a competitive feel to the inflatable balls(horses).  This exciting four lane derby horse track lets four friends and family compete to see who is the fastest. Each contestant enters the derby horse track and climbs into the gates on their inflatable derby horse. Three…Two…One and there off! Each of the contestants take off and bounce on the inflatable horse as fast as they can. The first person to make it down the track and through the finish line is announced as the winner.

First of all, this rental item is always a hit for all ages. It allows everyone to compete with each other, but also laugh and have fun. Secondly, the inflatable horse track is a great rental item for after proms, college events, corporate parties, graduation parties, and any other event. It is one of our best rentals for all ages to have fun with. lastly, we carry other inflatables that go great with the inflatable derby track. For example, Jacobs ladder, Wipe out Slide, or Radical Run. In addition to the Derby Track, these inflatables would make any party great! Another thing is it goes great with any obstacle course we have in stock.

In conclusion, you can see any of our inflatable rentals on our website. Also you can see any of the inflatable rentals on our YouTube channel. This will allow to see which rental is best for you. All of us at A&S understand it is hard to choose which one, so please call (513)-315-9110 or (937)-885-5454 and a specialists will be able to help you.