Jacobs Ladder




Interactive Inflatable Jacobs Ladder Party Rental
Dayton & Cincinnati

Jacobs Ladder is one of A&S favorite carnival game. It makes a challenging competition fun and full of laughter for everyone. Two people, of any age, line up at the end of each ladder and someone yells GO! Each player will start climbing up the ladder and whoever makes it to the top first wins. However, it is a challenge to stay on the ladder. The winner has to make it to the top first and not fall down to win. This is such a fun carnival game that all your friends and family can gather around to watch.  Everyone always loves the inflatable ladder and looks forward to trying it.

In addition, this inflatable rental goes very well with out other inflatables. Sometimes one isn’t enough and at A&S we understand that. We have made it some all of our rentals go good together in an effort to make everyone’s event the best it can be. We suggest that you put that inflatable with other rentals like Knock Your Block, Shooting Gallery, Mechanical Bull, The Meltdown, and many other inflatables. All of these rentals will just add to the fun of Jacobs Ladder. You can also add some rentals that aren’t inflatables like Adult Pedal Cart, Adult Tryk, Big Foot Racers, Roller Racers, and many others! All of those rentals are great on their own but would go great on our race track to add to the competition of Jacobs Ladder.

Finally, It can be hard to decide which inflatable your crowd will like the best. At A&S we have created a website that you can see pictures of everything on. Furthermore, you can check out our YouTube channel to see how the rentals operate. Both of these are great resources. Another thing is to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see the latest and greatest! In conclusion, please call (513)-315-9110 or (937)-885-5454 to book your rental today!