Warriors Radical Ninja Jump Rental



Warriors Radical Ninja Jump Rental

The Warriors Radical Ninja Jump rental is our newest addition to our interactive line here at A & S . Feeling like a ninja? Then this exciting interactive rental is for you! Contestants enter the Warriors Ninja Jump rental and start by jumping on the inflated pillows. The pillows are of different heights and sizes for difficulty. The radical ninja jump inflatable rental is 49 feet long! If you want to make the inflatable more challenging, there are small doors on the sides of some that will allow you to adjust the firmness of the pillow. This difference in firmness makes the warriors radical ninja jump rental extra challenging. Once you reach the end of the climb you will come to a slide. Then just hop on over and slide down to the exit. Racing a friend across the warriors radical ninja jump rental for Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio is exhilarating!

Not challenging enough you say? Then consider adding the warriors radical ninja jump rental to any piece of the Radical Run Obstacle Course. You can even add it to one piece to make a challenging 85 foot interactive obstacle course or add it to all three pieces to make the ultimate obstacle challenge at over 155 feet!! Just image your next event with the longest obstacle course rental in Ohio.

The Ninja Inflatable Rental is perfect for any event in Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio. Also Inflatable Rentals  are great for birthday parties, graduation parties, after proms, and corporate events. Also follow us on Facebook  to see new inflatables. Then go to our Twitter page for fun exciting bounce house’s to look at. Another place to go look at is our YouTube Channel  where you can see exciting videos of A & S Play Zone. Most of all just give us a call today at 937-885-5454 or 513-315-9110.