Jousting Arena 4 person




Interactive Inflatable Jousting Arena 4 Person

Our Interactive Inflatable Jousting Arena 4 Person allows for 4 different people to participate at once. The game consists of four participants who are battling against each other with Jousting sticks. The goal of the Interactive Inflatable game is to knock your opponent off of his or her pedestal. This is a perfect Party Rental for groups of any ages, especially a group of competetive boys looking for some safe rough housing. The Interactive Inflatable Jousting Arena four Person comes with Jousting Sticks and protective helmets for of your guests. This interactive inflatable jousting arena is special because it consists of four people. There are a few ways you can play this. You could do two teams to the win or you can do every man for himself. We also have a smaller Jousting Arena for 2 People. Check out our other Party Rental items at A & S Play Zone for your next event!

Jousting inflatables are perfect for tons of different events. This goes great at any event but here are a few ideas. So you can have it at a birthday party, after prom, corporate event to relax and have fun with your coworkers and any other event you can think of. We would love to help you out with whatever you need. We have almost everything for any kind of events. We have liens, tables, tents, chairs, we even have festival foods. This inflatable goes great with CrossTown Shootout, 3 Lane Bungee, Defender Dome and many more. Also add us on Facebook to see what all our company has. Another place you can look at is on Twitter. For questions how things work we have videos of most inflatables on our YouTube Channel. Give us a call to book your event today! Call us at 937-885-5454 or 513-315-9110.