Inflatable Midway




Inflatable Midway Party and Carnival Rental

The Inflatable Midway is the classic carnival game, but even better! It doesn’t have one carnival game, not two, not three, but four carnival games! It has everything you need for your next party! It has a basketball shootout game, ring toss, tic-tac-toe, and magic hat! The basketball shootout is a great way for two players to see who has the best shot! The ring toss is a fun challenge for people of all ages! They get to see if they have what it takes to get the ring around the bottle. Tic-tac-toe is a classic game that everyone loves! People of all ages can challenge each other to see who is the champion! Magic hat is the finishing touch to the inflatable. Contestants try to step up and hit the floating balls as many times as they can!

Another great thing about this rental is it is great for any event. It is great for all ages and draws people in to try the different games. It would be great at your next school field day, birthday party, after prom, graduation party, corporate event, pool party, everything! To add on to this great inflatable, it goes great with other ones too. Here at A&S we understand sometimes one isn’t enough, so you can choose from our huge selection that has over two thousand rentals. We would recommend the Wiffle Ball Classic, Defender Dome, Gamecube 3 in 1, Carnival 3 in 1, and so much more! The selection is endless. You can also add any of our concession rentals to make your party even better! These include things like cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, donut machines, funnel cake machines, and so much more.

All of this is available to see at our website which will give you pictures and additional information! You can also call our office and one of the great staff members can answer any questions and book your order. Our numbers are 513-315-9110 or 937-885-5454, call before it’s too late!