Mini Donuts Maker



Our Mini Donuts are the best. Let A & S Party Rental bring them out to your next event! These delicious mini donuts come plain, coated in cinnamon and sugar or salted caramel. Take your pick! When we bring out our mini donuts we bring along an oven. The mini donuts are placed on a rack and roll through and are thoroughly cooked in less than one minute! The piping hot mini donuts are then placed in wax paper bags and tossed with your favorite coating. These donuts are perfect for corporate meetings, company picnics, college events or even as a donut bar for weddings!

And did we mention that they are oven cooked and not deep fried? Yep that’s right! No greasy mess or smell, the mini donuts are simply baked and come out hot. They come in four different flavors:

  1. Plain-some like them that way and of course they can have them!!
  2. Powder sugar-simple white powder sugar tossed over the mini donuts to add sweetness.
  3. Cinnamon and sugar-another timeless classic that enhances the flavor of our mini donuts.
  4. Salted Caramel Sugar-perfectly combines sweet and salty to deliver a one-of-a-kind taste sensation for our mini donuts.

Give A & S Party Rental a call today and let us bring hot donuts to your next event! Call 937-885-5454 Dayton or 513-315-9110 Cincinnati today. Party on with A&S Party Rental.