PopCorn Machine Rental



Popcorn Machine Rental

A&S Playzone offers all kinds of concession machine rentals for any type of event. Our Popcorn Machine Rental is a top quality concession machine item. The machine allows you to bring the mouth watering smell and taste of movie theater popcorn to your personal event. Let the Popcorn machine do all the work while you and your guests can enjoy the nostalgic feeling of old time theaters and corner vendors. Our popcorn machine rentals are of commercial quality and perfect for any event. The machine comes with 8oz kettles, heat lamps and warming decks. Your popcorn will remain fresh & hot for hours.

Concession machines are a great compliment to any inflatable rental and are available individually or as part of our packages.

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Need help working your Popcorn Machine Rental? Check out our Instructional Video on Youtube!