Three Ring Circus Bounce House



Interactive Inflatable Three Ring Circus Bounce House Rental
Dayton & Cincinnati

The Three Ring Circus is one of our most unique bounce house rentals. Larger than most bounce houses, it provides a diverse experience for the bouncers! This inflatable rental provides your guests with an interactive inflatable combo unit that has many different features. Features include a bouncing area, that has enough space for multiple kids to jump around in. It also has a few  inflatable pieces to jump on. It also has multiple fun characters to jump around with, that kids love! This inflatable also features a climbing wall that leads to two fun slides! One of the fun things about this inflatable is the slides are inside the inflatable, so you don’t have to go out of the inflatable when you go down the slide. This allows kids to jump forever!

Furthermore, with all the features this inflatable has to offer, kids love this inflatable and have a blast on it. Kids enjoy it at birthday parties, school events, corporate events, graduation parties, and pretty much any event you are planning. Kids get to jump for hours and are leaving with a smile on their face! If you like this inflatable, but it isn’t enough for your party, we would recommend taking a look at our huge selection to choose additional inflatables. A&S has the largest selection in Ohio with over two thousand rentals! All of our rentals go very well together. With this inflatable we would recommend adding Carnival 3 in 1, Inflatable Carnival Midway, High Strike, and any of our other great carnival games. Any of these rentals will make your party great!

Finally, if you are needing additional information please take a look at our website. This will show all of our rentals and give you pictures, the power the inflatable needs, dimensions, and a summary of the inflatable. Once you are ready to book your rentals please call 513-315-9110 or 937-885-5454 and one A&S friendly staff will help you! We bring out the fun in everyone!

Check out this inflatable on our YouTube channel!