Rampage Water Slide Rental



Rampage Water Slide Rental.

It’s a new spin on inflatable water slide design, the Rampage Water Slide lets you slide up and down all in the same ride! First, climb to the top for a vertical rush. Second, enter the slide from the top and let the course carry you forward and back towards the bottom! Exit the slide to end, and run around back to start! The rampage water slide rental is the perfect inflatable water slide attraction! The Rampage Water Slide is one of the most unique water slides that you’ve ever seen. It features a half-moon surface that will allow you to fly down on one half and super charge up the other half with the help of the water hose that creates a slick surface. The Rampage Water Slide will sure to give you the greatest adrenaline rush you can imagine! See an awesome video here on our channel.

This inflatable water slide rental is a great addition to any event such as school parties (including end of year school parties or back to school parties), summer camps, birthdays, neighborhood and mega backyard parties.The Rampage Water Slide has steep climb up and slide down with a slope at the end to catch you on the way up and flip you back, so it is great for older kids and even adults. This giant water slide will bring you tons of fun at any event! Kids will love this ride and adults will want to try the flip-flop action as well! Don’t wait, reserve this hot item today and see how much fun you will have.


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