Velcro Wall



The Inflatable Velcro Wall is the next greatest inflatable rental for any party or event you are planning! This inflatable is great for all ages and gives everyone the chance to feel like they are flying. Everyone always has fun with this inflatable. It brings families and friends together and allows them to laugh with and at each other. This inflatable is very popular for that reason, that everyone gets to laugh and enjoy themselves. People step up and put on our unique Velcro suit. Then they run as fast as they can and jump as high as they can onto the Velcro wall. Then the challenge is to get unstuck from the wall. This inflatable is great for any event you are planning. It goes great at after proms, college events, corporate events, school parties and field days, graduation parties, birthday parties, and any great event you are planning.

To add on, A&S selection is huge, with over two thousand rental items! These rentals all go good together. Sometimes you need more then one inflatable to make your party even better. A&S would suggest putting this rental with The Rock WallZorb Balls, Stars and Stripes, Big Baller, Inflatable Rentaland so much more. Our huge selection also consists of other concession rentals like pretzel machines, Pucker Powder MachineSnow Cone Machines, and so many more! All of our rentals are available to see on our website and will give you additional information. Also you can check out our Facebook and Twitter to see our latest rentals.

You can also call any of our friendly staff and they will be willing to answer any question and concern you may have. Feel free to give us a call at 513-315-9110 or 937-885-5454. Call before it’s too late, our rentals go fast!