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Inflatable Bungee Run 3 Lane Rental



Interactive Inflatable Bungee Run 3 Lane Rental

Looking for a way to test your strength? Well we have the perfect inflatable for you! The Inflatable Bungee Run 3 Lane Rental is a fun addition to any event! So you wear a harness with a giant bungee cord attached. Then the opponents run side by side down the long runway in this interactive inflatable game. The object of The Inflatable Bungee Run 3 Lane Rental is to see who can get farthest down their lane and place a velcro baton on the center strip before the cord yanks them backwards. This is a must have for your teen, college event, after prom and many more. This Bungee Run is special because it has three lanes for triple the fun!

This inflatable bungee run is red, yellow and blue. It is fun, fast and great to play with friends. When you have this at your event everyone will enjoy. It is even fun to watch people run as hard as they can just to get pulled back. Its a fun and friendly competition. But if you want something smaller we also have it in a two lane. The two lane is very similar just smaller. But for bigger parties we suggest the three lane.

Check out this video of the Inflatable Bungee Run 2 Lane Rental to see how a 2 lane bungee run looks. Also check out our YouTube Channel . There you will see videos of our coolest items. Another thing you can check out is our Facebook page. There you will see our newest inflatables and weddings. Also Twitter is a great way to see how A & S Play Zone is doing. So call us today at 937-885-5454 or 513-315-9110. You can also come in at 3oo Conover Drive Franklin, Ohio. Call and book your event before its too late!