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Inflatable Boulder Dash Rental



Inflatable Boulder Dash Rental

When it comes to interactive inflatable rentals, the Inflatable Boulder Dash Rental may have the most capacity for interaction of all A&S Play Zone’s blowups. Not only is it a blast for 8 people to participate in, but onlookers get to have a fun time watching the action take place! The actual inflatable is fifty feet long, making it a huge hit at Company Events.

Here is the layout of the interior of this blowup party rental item. There is a start and finish area on both sides of the inflatable. There are hanging boulders hanging at three points inside the blowup. Forming a path from end to end are pedestals that players have to leap onto and maintain balance. The best way to simply describe this blowup party rental is that it is similar to Frogger. On the outside of the Inflatable Boulder Dash Rental, people stand at three points on each side, manning the boulders. They will swing these at the participants to try and knock them off of their pedestals as they come by. The winner is determined by whoever stays on their pedestals and makes it to the other side quickest.

As you can see, this inflatable party item requires a lot of participation. Which is why it frequently goes to colleges in the Dayton and Cincinnati area, and after proms as well. A group of friends will approach the inflatable, and designate who will be the participants on the inside. While the other friends have fun trying to knock their buddies off of the pedestal and make them lose. Cincinnati schools have loved renting this item, as well as Dayton festivals.

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