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Life sized simon rental


Life Size Simon Rental

Life Sized Simon rental is a must have for your next big event or party. Everyone will want to get involved with this active run area! This unique inflatable is interactive, fun and is great for teamwork! This inflatable rental  is fitted with 10 spot holders. Challenge your hand-eye coordination, endurance and competitiveness with your friends . The Interactive Play system comes with sound effects, lighting and many extra cool options. It even comes with an electronic scoreboard. There are two colors on this rental, red and green, and each player gets to choose their color. Once they choose their color someone presses a button on the digital inflatable scoreboard. Then the sport holders start to light up with either red or green. The players then do their best to run around each other and tap their color on the spot holder. Whoever taps there color the most wins!

This inflatable is so much fun and allows all ages to have a blast at the party! People can run around through this inflatable and share many laughs. This inflatable would go great at any event. From birthday parties, graduation parties, to large corporate events, to after proms, to any event you are planning! It creates everlasting memories for everyone at your party! If the Simon rental is not enough to make your party great, you can pair it with any of our other inflatables. These inflatables include Hippo Chow Down, Inflatable Twister, Jacob’s Ladder, Crosstown Shootout, and so much more! A&S has the largest selection in Ohio, with over two thousand different rentals.

Furthermore, A&S has one of the greatest staffs and they are willing to help you out in any way, just give them a call at (513)-315-9110 or (937)-885-5454. You can also come talk to them in person at our business, which is 300 Conover Drive. Another great thing is we have posted all of our inflatables in action on our YouTube channel. This will allow you to see how they work. Also take a look at our website for more information and pictures.