Bingo Set



Bingo Set Rental Cincinnati Dayton

Bingo is one of those games that you just have to love. It’s so easy, but still challenging and fun at the same time! One of the best things about Bingo is that it works for people of all ages, young and old. Our bingo set rental for your Dayton or Cincinnati party is everything you need! We can accommodate a large number of players with our paper game sheets and colorful plastic covers. This bingo set rental goes well with a rental of our tables, tents and chairs, or perhaps you need a PA system to call out those winning bingo numbers! Give us a call to see if A&S Party Rental can help you out!

Add a new excitement to your party delights with A&S play zone’s Bingo-set. This complete set includes top quality bingo cage, bingo master board, paper Bingo Cards, brightly colored bingo balls and other bingo supplementary items. The Vinyl Coated metal bingo Cage proffers the ability to withstand wear and tear, damage and deterioration factors. The bingo cage comes with extended dimensions that are suited for both kids and adults. These complete bingo-set saves your dollar rather looking for individual bingo items. Make your deal with A&S play zone and have a bingo party.