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Bounce House Rental 15×15 Camelot Castle


Inflatable Bounce House Blue Camelot 15x 15

Bounce House Rental 15×15 Camelot Castle

Wanna send your kid back in time and let them feel like a knight? Well if you do, the Bounce House Rental 15 x 15 Camelot Castle is perfect for your next event. The 4 pillars with turrets and the brick really makes kids feel like they are in a real castle. These features also catch kids eyes and makes them want to jump. This jumpy house also allows kids to bring there friends and family in to play with them, leaving all your guests with an unforgettable experience. Another great thing about this inflatable is it goes great with a number of our other inflatables. These inflatables include the Mechanical Bull, Connect 4 Basketball Games, Cross Town Shootout, the Meltdown, and so many other great inflatables. All of these inflatables and our other rental items are all available on our website. Descriptions are included as well.

No matter what event you are planning, this inflatable will work great at it. At A&S, we would recommend this inflatable at birthday parties, field days, reunions, family days, church events, and any event with younger kids. Even though this inflatable is designed for younger kids, all ages can jump on it and have fun. When  you have made a decision please call (937)-885-5454 or (513)-315-9110 and book your event. You are also welcome to come to our warehouse at 300 Conover Drive and work with an event planner here. They will be able to answer all your questions and plan your whole event with you. If you are looking for more sources of information please visit our YouTube for great videos of all our inflatables. Our LinkedIn and Pinterest also has some great photos. Don’t wait too long to book your event because our rentals go quick!