Connect Four Basketball Game



Connect Four Basketball Game is the latest crazy in giant classic board games. Think of the small yellow and red disks that were dropped into the top of the blue plastic game piece. Now imagine a large inflatable connect four using full size basketballs instead of small colored disks. The basketballs come in two different color and the goal is to get your color basketballs lined up before your opponent. The inflatable has velcro doors at the bottom of each column that will allow you to remove the made shots.  Connect Four Basketball Game is a great way to add a giant board game to your next special event such as an after prom, school carnival, college event, church event or a team building exercise.

Connect Four Basketball Game is added to our list of giant games such as Kurplunk, Giant Operation, Hungry Hippos, Giant Jenga, Whack a Mole, Giant Checkers, Giant Connect Four, and inflatable twister! Adding these games provides fun for all ages. These giant board games provide ways for one on one competition or just a lot of fun.

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