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Bounce House Rental 15x15 Dream Castle

Bounce House Rental 15x15 Dream Castle
  • Bounce House Rental 15x15 Dream Castle

Description - Bounce House Rental 15x15 Dream Castle

Bounce House Rental 15x15 Dream Castle

The Bounce House Rental 15 x 15 Dream castle is a great way to make your daughters dream come true. Every little girl wants to be a princess and this is the perfect inflatable to do that. This brightly colored inflatable will catch the eye of all the kids at your next event and make them all want to get in. The four pillars with turrets really give this inflatable the castle feel. Your daughter can imagine she is a princess and it can make her day truly special. Anyone who rents this inflatable is very satisfied and there daughter loved it. This inflatable is mostly at birthday parties, but works for any event. Not only can little girls jump in it, but any of their friends or family can get in and jump with them. This makes the event truly special. It will make an unforgettable experience! This inflatable is great as the main attraction of your party, but sometimes one isn't enough. Here at A&S we have the largest selection of jumpy houses in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus areas. This inflatable, in particular, would go great with our Bounce House Rental Disney Princess Combo, Princess Bounce House Rental, Petting Zoo, the Pony Ride Rental and a lot more. These inflatables combined will make the event unforgettable. Here at A&S we try to make every experience unforgettable. Also you can check out our website to see every rental we have available. This should help you decide what you want to do. When you are ready, please call (937)-885-5454 or (513)-315-9110 to book your next event. When you call A&S an event planner can answer all questions and help get your event booked. Also check out our Facebook and Twitter for more great information and great pictures.

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