I promised that today I would have a new question to pose for you all, and I wasn’t lying!  As the summer rush begins to taper off a little and A & S Play Zone starts to look back at their inventory, we have a few thoughts.  As always, after a busy year so far, our busiest year ever as a matter of fact (Thanks to all of you!), a few of our older inflatables that we rent out have become damaged to the point where we will no longer rent them out to parties in the Dayton Cincinnati, and Columbus areas.  This is simply from many years of bouncing and jumping, and our bouncers take a beating after a few years!  Also, we look towards the Autumn/Winter months.  We see events like Halloween and Christmas coming up, and although we supply people with equipment for these events, there is more we could do.  Our months outside the Spring and Summer times are not as busy as those, so we always have a bit of a quandary.  We always want to expand and add more items to keep our customers happy and interested, but which direction should we go?
AS PlayZone has a large number of bounce houses (bouncers jumpys jumpers moonwalks moonbounces or bounce house, whatever you want to call them!) Combination bounce houses, but could we add more?  There always seems to be a demand, so if this is your favorite item and where you want to see us expand inventory, let us know in the comments!  Maybe your favorite attractions include the extreme or interactive inflatables, such as the demolition ball, boulder dash, or defender dome.  Tell us which item is your favorite, and we’ll look for similar items.  This category does include bungee runs, the mechanical bull, and inflatable jousts too!  A big section that we expanded in this year was slides and water slides.  We have 3 large inflatables slides that we rent out to parties in the Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati area, but should there be more?  Is three dry slides enough?  Maybe, because especially in this heat, the water slides could not stay in the warehouse!  Wipeout and the Dolphin water slide both entered our inventory this year, to team up with the Roaring River and Velocity Extreme.  Perhaps another mid-range slide or even a kid’s slide?  Those are my thoughts, but remember, all these questions I’m asking I want your thoughts on!
For now, these are all the items I’m going to suggest, and we will see what people think.  As we move forward in the process of transitioning into the later months of the year, we will get more specific with what items we are looking at, and we want you to help along the way!  Thank you all for being such great readers!
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