Now that I have told you about our new slide, let’s take a look at another popular water item, the Slip N Slide!  Costumers loved our Slip N Slides with pools, but there have been a few changes in policy that affect those.  The state of Ohio has determined that in order to rent a Slip and slip, or slide even, with a pool, a licensed lifeguard must be present at all times.  This has been an issue for a number of our customers, although others have gladly found a lifeguard to volunteer.  In order to provide great inflatable services to everyone, A&S added the Surf the Wave Slip and Slide, no pool or lifeguard needed!  Here’s what it looks like:
Surf the Wave Slip and Slide

Perfect for Fun Seekers of any Age
The length of the slide area is thirty one feet, and it is dual lane, so people can race each other!  People frequently ask how Slip and Slides stay wet, and what happens is, a garden hose is plugged into the opening arch, and it sprays down on the sliders, keeping the whole track wet.  A fantastically fun ride and kids especially will get a kick out of Surf the Wave!
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