Silver Sparkle Manzanita Tree



Silver Sparkle Manzanita Trees can add a WOW factor to any event or wedding that you might be planning. Centerpieces and accent pieces always add another touch to your design! So consider adding Manzanita trees to your event as an easy way to upscale a plain table. Centerpieces are a way to turn a bland evening into a next level surprise.

Adding a centerpiece does not have to be complicated. Our Silver Sparkle Manzanita Trees are simple, one piece units that can stand by themselves to create a tablescape or a simple addition to a small area. Additionally, these trees can come in a variety of colors. We have silver, gold, chocolate and black manzanita trees to choose from for your event.

Silver Sparkle Manzanita trees are low weight and easy to transport if you decide to pick them up yourself! A nice touch to these trees is to put twinkle lights among the branches or hang other gems and jewels from their limbs. Manzanita trees are popular for their consistent look within trends. Also, they have the ability to make an event look more rustic or upscale depending upon the color and texture.

Our Silver Sparkle Manzanita Trees are one of the easiest centerpieces to work with as there is not much work to do after placing them in the desired location. Manzanita trees are a simple and elegant addition to any table you are looking to create!

So take a look at our Instagram today to see some of our Manzanita Trees at various weddings and special events!

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