Silver Cupcake Stand Rental



A&S Party Rental’s Silver Cupcake Stand Rental is five feet tall. It stands on the floor. This stand will hold over 200 cupcakes! What a way to WOW your guests. This cupcake stand is almost as tall (or taller) than your guests! The Silver Cupcake Stand is the perfect stand for those looking to serve a lot of dessert in minimal space.

The stand can be used for a rustic barn wedding or placed into an elegant setting. The silver color gives the ability to match any theme. Furthermore, the Silver Cupcake Stand provides a beautiful display while allowing guests of all ages and heights to reach their dessert!

So take it to the next level by placing the desserts in a colorful pattern or stack the layers by flavor. What a simple way to help your guests know which treat may be the best! This cupcake stand pairs well with a cupcake crowd and can easily be set next to a candy bar or a donut board!

Don’t want to stack cupcakes? Not a problem. Use this stand at your next party for a level of decadent treats or finger foods to please your guests. This stand is 5 feet tall and fits in almost any vehicle to ensure an easy delivery or easy personal pick up from our warehouse!

Additionally, take a look at our Instagram for some inspiration on how to style the Silver Cupcake Stand at your event.

So call us today to book your event or schedule your private showroom appointment. Call 937-885-5454 Dayton or 513-315-9110 Cincinnati. We would love to be apart of your special day!


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