Roaring River Slide and Slip and Slide



Roaring River Slide and Slip and Slide

We have all your inflatable water slide rental needs Dayton & Cincinnati areas. For example, The Roaring River Slide and Slip & Slide is a perfect match for holiday celebrations or enjoying the summer in your own backyard. Make the weekend a splash with the Roaring River water Slide Rental with A&S Party Rental. Bring even morel fun to your own backyard this year with the dual lane water slide rental paired with the inflatable tiki bar rental ! How does it work?To start, we will bring the rental to your location, set up, and attach your water source to get you to paradise in no time! Next, have some fun with friends and family. Last, leave the teardown for us!

Along with FUN you will have memories to last a lifetime. This 22-foot inflatable slide is certain to impress guests at your next big event or party, and keep them climbing for more! Participants can enter the slide on the left and climb the impressive 22 plus feet to enjoy the fast and furious ride down the right side of the slide to the well-cushioned bottom. Not only is this slide a huge hit, it will leave you wanting more in the splash zone!  Wanna see the coolest video of this slide? Click here!

A&S Party Rental brings out the FUN in everyone. For example, these add the perfect amount of fun to any summer party for people of all ages. Slide into summer with the roaring river slide rental to make some memories that last!  A&S Party Rental specializes in single and dual lane water slides- available now! For assistance, call 937-885-5454 or 513-315-9110 to reserve your slide today. A&S Party Rental is proudly servicing the Dayton and Cincinnati region for all party rental needs. Make a splash at your warm weather events with A&S Party Rentals! The perfect way to celebrate the summer months at home. Invite family and friends for an awesome day at home with a private Water Slide Rental! Don’t delay. Book your inflatable water slide rental Dayton & Cincinnati today!