Glitter Tattoos




Glitter Tattoos | Entertainer Rental

Our newest form of body art is one of our favorite! A wide variety of designs and sparkly colors allow you to enjoy this temporary tattoo for 3-5 days.  These fun tattoos are enjoyed by everyone from preschoolers to adults! We’ve brought out these glitter tattoos to a wide variety of events, from young kid’s birthday parties, to company picnics. The funny part about the company picnic rentals is that it is not only the kids who are getting the glitter tattoos! Even adults and teenagers were waiting in line to get their arms tattooed with our glittery art! These are a great option to go with in addition to another entertainer rental like a clown or a magician. We love to send these excellent entertainers out to places like community events, grand opening celebrations, and a host of other exciting parties that people want fun entertainers for. The Glitter Tattoos are also very safe and can be applied to young kids and adults alike. Like our face painting, it is a great way to show that you’ve been having a great day and that you’re ready for whatever fun the event can bring to you and the other guests! Glitter Tattoos allow your guests to stand out and have some fun by creating a piece of art that shows off their personality and fun side!