Mobile Zip Line


Mobile Zip Line Rental in Cincinnati, Dayton & Columbus Ohio

The Mobile Zip Line Rentals are the Biggest attraction at your event in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus Ohio! At 300 feet long this is the biggest mobile zip line available! This party attraction is an adrenaline rush and great for all ages! Our Rentable and portable mobile Zip Line is among the best mobile attractions you will ever see allowing riders to zip along up to 300 feet! This item is easily set-up in less than an hour. This Rentable Mobile Zip Line is the best and most safe zip line in the industry. Let the guests at your event have the time of their lives with this extraordinary attraction. It is great for all ages from 5 to 95. You must at least be 40 lbs to ride the mobile zip line and maximum of 250 lbs.

Top Notch Safety Features

The Fly Wire zipline uses the safest, proprietary decelerator on the market, The Decelinator.  Awarded best technology applied by the amusement industry, this product has been used by the US Military, resorts, theme parks and entertainment centers worldwide. Specifically designed to slow down the zip liner without sacrificing the length of the mobile zip line, riders slow down at the very end of the ride, not at the beginning like other zipline systems.  Additionally, when the ride is over and it is time to unhook from your harness, the tower lowers you to the ground for an easy transition and removal of the harness. The safety doors at the top of the tower automatically  remain locked until the tower is raised back to its’ full upright position.
Add this mobile zip line to our Euro Bungee Rentals and you will have the event of the year. Check out our youtube video HERE: : You may even add our other Extreme Attractions for Company Picnics, Church events or College events. When it comes to entertainment we are your largest party rental and entertainment store!