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Dayton and Cincinnati Carnival Rides
Carnival Rides are some of the most exciting and fun items A&S Play Zone has to offer for Large Cincinnati Events. From our Bumper Cars, to Rock Wall, to 4 person bungee, these items are great for Dayton college event rentals and large festivals. These items are used for many large events for two reasons. They can make a big impression, so when people see these items from the road, they want to stop by and check out what is available. Also, when kids and adults enjoy them, they will want to stay longer and come back again next year. The next draw is that they can work for a large number of people, so you have a higher number of people experiencing your exciting rides. These items can even work for indoor events too! After proms are a very important part of a school’s planning responsibilities since they have to keep young adults safe and entertained. Carnival rides like those offered by A&S Play Zone are perfect for that, since they are intense enough to keep people interested, but controlled enough that they are completely safe. Here are a few events where the A&S Carnival are best used:

College Events

After Proms

Church Festivals

Fourth of July Events

Fall City Festivals

As you begin to plan your Dayton Festival Event, give A&S Play Zone a call at 937-885-5454 or 513-315-9110.

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