Dunk Booth Rentals 350 Gallons



Dunk Booth rentals

or dunk tank rentals in Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio are a favorite. Whether you are trying to dunk the boss, raise money for United Way or a having a family reunion try our old fashioned dunk booth rental at your next party or special event. All you need is a water source and a person to dunk and we will provide the rest to make your party a blast! The perfect party rental idea for your next company picnic or Fundraiser. When it’s hot outside you will have everyone wanting to get in. Kids and adults will love this form of entertainment and amusement. Imagine the lines at your festival, company picnic, corporate event, or school carnival now. We have even seen Dunk The grad for graduation parties or project grads. It’s a great way to raise money. Our rentals are also at festival and fairs.

The Booth takes an hour to fill and you will need a water supply. You also will need to empty the Dunk tank at night to prevent drowning. We have had customers that have filled the dunking booth with packaging peanuts if you want to be creative and different with your party or special event. You can YouTube other ways to use your dunking booth as Gatorade, filled their tank with their product. If you still have questions about the Dunk booth rentals, call our event specialist today and we will help answer all your party rental questions. We can offer a package price is you add this to any other order. Cincinnati Ohio Dunk Booth Customers call:513-315-9110. Dayton Ohio Dunk Booth Customers call:937-885-5454. Visit our Youtube Channel! 

Our booths come with large Softballs to make the dunking easier. If you want to make it more difficult we can bring baseballs, just ask.
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