Bounce House Rental Dino Combo



Inflatable Bounce House Rental Dayton Ohio Dino Combo

Our Bounce House Rentas in Dayton and Cincinnati are very popular. Our Dino Inflatable Bouncer Combo unit is perfect for younger children, especially kids who have an adventurous side and a love of animals! The inflatable Dino Jumper or moonwalk has a friendly appeal to children with its green jumping zone and slide in the back. If you are throwing a party in Daytonm and Cincinnati and want to rent a bounce house near you our Dinosaur bounce house is perfect for you.
Our bounce house rentals come in many different shapes and sizes. The bounce house rentals also have many differnt themes. We rent frozen bounce house rentals. We also rent the world of Disney, Justice league, Castle and Slides, Buckey Bouncers and more. Dinosaurs haven’t roamed the world for years, but you can bring dinosaurs to the Cincinnati and Dayton areas for party rentals. The bouncing area is spacious and leads to a slide in the back. The slide is smaller than some of our other combination bounce houses so that younger kids feel comfortable sliding down. The Dino Moonwalk has netting that will protect kids if they fall against the side of the jumper, but will allow parents to see inside the bounce house to make sure their children are safe. Due to the size of the moon bounce, parents would be able to enter the bounce house along with their, especially if they are younger. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Dinosaurs still roamed the Ohio area? Probably not, but you can still rent this Dino Bounce House for your party in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus Ohio areas!
Dayton Ohio Customers call 937-885-5454 and Cincinnati Customers call 513-315-9110. A & S Play Xone Party rental, Your Inflatable bounce hoouse rental superstore!

Want to see more? Check out our Dino Combo Video!