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Boot Camp Challenge Obstacle Course


Boot Camp Challenge Obstacle Course Party Rental Dayton & Cincinnati

If you are holding a festival or carnival, or just want the best party rental item available in the Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus Ohio area, take a look at the Inflatable Boot Camp Challenge Obstacle Course! This blowup is our longest straight obstacle course offered at A&S Play Zone. Stretching 84 feet long, this inflatable rents out frequently at local festivals, and has even been taken to Indiana and Kentucky for party rentals of all kinds! The start of the inflatable makes participants crawl through a tunnel, which empties into a more open area. This doesn’t last long though, as a unique crawl through laser field forces individuals to crawl on their hands and knees through a maze of stretched red cables. Next, is the A frame. This is a giant blowup tower with ropes hanging down, allowing up to 500 pounds of force to swing across the pit on the ropes. Don’t worry, if you fall, there aren’t alligators, just an inflatable bouncy padded landing! The last challenge is a climbing wall that leads up almost twenty feet at its peak before participants slide down, and out of the Boot Camp Inflatable Obstacle Course. Whoever comes out of the Boot Camp Challenge Obstacle Course first, is the winner! This particular party rental blowup shows up often at Dayton and Cincinnati after proms, where teen age high school kids love to race each other on this blowup!