22ft Alpine Tubing Double Lane Slide



Alpine inflatable tubing slide available now at A&S Party Rental! This extreme inflatable slide is the biggest item of the winter! First, select a tub at the entry of the slide. Next, hold on tight as you head to the top of this 22ft alpine slide! Then, get comfortable and excited to sit inside your tub and take the arctic plunge! This 22ft tall Alpine inflatable slide rental is the coolest winter rental item yet! Experience the winter fun in your own backyard. Perfect for corporate, community, or private events that want to bring an extreme element on site!

22ft Alpine Tubing Double Lane Slide can be fun in the summer or winter. This unique slide looks like you are walking into the alps. Riders grab a tube at the bottom and start their assent to the top of the mountain. Once there, riders sit inside their tube and go sliding to the bottom! The 22ft Alpine Inflatable Tubing Slide is the perfect addition to any winter themed event or festival you are planning! Consider adding our ice rink for the complete winter feel. Not only is this slide perfect for single riders, dual lanes means double the fun! Riders can race their friends or colleagues down the slopes as they both enter their own lane. Tube to the bottom for the master of the apline slide at the next company or college event!

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