A&S Play Zone is currently located in Franklin, Ohio.  The big news recently was because we had moved here from our previous location in Springboro.  Prior to that, we had been located in two other locations that are along I-75 and splitting Dayton and Cincinnati.  Why do we choose these locations to run our big party rental business (The second biggest event rental company in Ohio, might I add!)?  We do this because we really value being able to bring our inflatables and bounce houses down to the people who want them in Cincinnati.  Often people refer to A&S as a Dayton company, which although this is true, we make an effort to serve both areas equally!  And we do!  This graduation season, the number of graduation parties that A&S brought out items like tents, tables, chairs, bouncers, and concession machines was almost split perfectly between Dayton, Cincinnati, and regions that were in in between.  So make sure to remember that we are a company that loves all of the places around us, from Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana to Cincinnati, Dayton, and everywhere else!

A&S Play Zone

300 Conover Drive, Franklin Ohio

Your Dayton and Cincinnati Party Rental Superstore!