Everyone loves the Greene.  One of the best shopping environments in the Dayton region, the Greene always provides a great atmosphere for enjoying the company of friends and family.  Although I have always been impressed by the Greene’s level of quality and service, I did not realize they put on such fabulous events like today’s Kid’s Fest.  Here is the event listing from the Greene’s own website:  http://www.thegreene.com/events/eventdetail/tabid/3371/articleid/3435/kids-summer-fest.aspx.  
Here’s what the website lists – 
Wax Hands
Face Painter
Photo Booth
Caricature Artist
Scavenger Hunt
Obstacle Course

…and much more!

Well you can guess who provided the inflatables.  
As you can see above, one of the popular bounce houses was our Buckeye Bounce, which the hometown Ohio State Fans accepted well.  We also brought out the Spongebob Squarepants Bouncer Combination unit, which kids absolutely loved.  The obstacle course the Greene mentioned?  Also from A&S Play Zone.  The choice was made to bring out the child friendly Fortress Obstacle course, shown below.  
Patrons appreciated the tropical theme, as the weather stayed comfortable in temperature, and a gentle breeze rolled through.  As I strolled around the grounds, taking in all the sights, from the 1960’s Batmobile to a display of the surrounding cities’ multiple squad cars, I met the magician.  His name was David McCreary, and he was fantastic!  David was personable, funny, and most importantly, excellent at his magic.  I don’t want to give away too much, but my favorite trick from David was the card trick with his wallet.  Here is Mr. McCreary’s Facebook page, if you want to look him up – https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Comedy-Magic-of-David-McCreary/196171891771.  Also included in the festivities, was a wax hands station, a clown, and face painting.  
The other attractions brought by A&S Play Zone included our Dance Heads video station, and a Build-A-Friend stuffed animal building station.  Dance Heads is a unique booth style item, where, using green screen technology, participants have their singing heads placed onto dancing animated bodies, and sing along to their favorite song.  Upon completion, a copy of the video is emailed to their email address, and a picture is printed out as a keepsake.  The Build-A-Friend station featured animals of different sizes that could be stuffed with animal fluff, and dressed up with different outfits.  
Overall, everything at the Greene was a marvelous success, and we truly thank the Greene and it’s staff for having such a great event!  And thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the fun today!!
A & S Play Zone
820 Pleasant Valley Dr.
Springboro, Ohio 45066