Everyone likes to feel like part of the team.  So having a company picnic or corporate event is a proven way to help your employees feel valued, and build their teamwork skills.  there are two routes to take when it comes to events like this.  First, it could be an event just for employees that focuses on fun but building up the team also.  On the other hand, it could be a company sponsored carnival for employee’s families to bring people closer together, and show that the company values them.  A&S Play Zone offers attractions that cater to both needs!  Our event rental items can be used to help bring fun to younger kids for a family day, or perhaps a team building day with inflatable challenges.  One idea that was really fun for A&S was when a company had an Olympian themed party, using different blowups and bounce houses as checkpoints for the Olympian teams.  Give us a call at 937-885-5454 or 513-315-9110 to hear some ideas or ask about some of our rental items!