After A&S Play Zone acquired a brand new facility recently, everyone has been overjoyed concerning the exciting opportunities this represents for the corporate and also the community!   Even the news centers have picked up on it, and placed a piece concerning us within the Dayton Business Journal.  Here is that the link to the article concerning A&S Play Zone.  I wish to make some notes concerning the article. We tend to specialize in inflatables and bounce homes, however we tend to are moving towards the linen and wedding events, and lots of party events of every kind. the actual fact that our building is found off of I-75 is incredible! That is nice for our visibility and delivery! We actually have not outgrown three warehouses in three years, it’s been ten years.  Lastly, the rumors measure true, we are going to be making a saleroom for our larger scale events like carnivals, weddings, and massive parties!