Proms are an American as it gets. As long as proms have been a high school tradition, they have also been steeped in controversy and concern from parents and school faculty. Luckily, there are options for providing a fun, safe environment for students post prom.

Parents and high schools have the option to rent inflatable bounce houses and slides and host monitored post-prom shindigs for the kids. A high school gymnasium or backyard are the perfect place for these parties. Bounce houses don’t have an age limit, and are often enjoyed just as much by young adults as they are by their younger counterparts.

Putting up slides are also great fun. Some inflatable options even offer two slides next to each other. Portable rock walls are also great for healthy, drug and alcohol-free student bonding and clean fun. Nothing says “fun” quite like a 24-foot rock wall, which can be installed on any flat-grounded area. They are great for building concentration and focus and can be used as a team-building event.

You can turn your teen’s after-prom party into the best event of the year with a bounce house, inflatable slide or rock wall – or better yet, all three! But these are just a few of the party rentals available for after-prom events. Carnival games, obstacle courses and extreme attractions like bumper cars and the euro bungee can also get students excited to attend and participating all night, all under your supervision.