When people ask what the most popular inflatable moonwalk is, I tell them it is the Castle Slide Combo.  When people ask me which bouncer has a big jumping area and sliding area, I tell them it’s the Castle Slide Combo unit.  If someone asks me for a small slide, the Castle Slide bounce house has that and bouncing!  And if someone wants to know which blowup is the most cost effective, it’s the Castle Slide bounce house.  If these examples haven’t shown why the Castle Slide is so loved, then here are a few more!  The Castle Slide bounce house accommodates all ages!  It is designed to hold lots of children, and adults as well.  
School carnivals love this inflatable because kids can get inside and bounce around, and then when they go down the slide, it exits away from the entrance.  This means that kids have to get back in line when use the slide, helping to keep crowds around the inflatable to a minimum.  Big festivals like this jumper too because it accommodates the most children of any jump house except the extreme 20×20.  
So that should help answer any questions regarding the Castle Slide Combination Unit.  If you have any more, we at A&S would love to help you out if you give us a call!  
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