Bounce house rentals in Cincinnati Ohio are very popular! If you are planning on kids entertainment in Cincy than most likely you will  be wanting to hire a bounce house as your next party rental idea. While it may seem that all bounce houses are equal that is definitely not the case. Bounce houses come in all sizes and shapes and quality. Inflatable Rentals can be so much fun so picking out the right one for you guest can be a task. You should consider three things before deciding on who to rent your Jump House Rental Cincinnati Dayton :

  1. You should consider who has the themed bounce house that you are looking for at your special event. For Example, A & S Play Zone has one of the largest selection of Bounce Houses out there.  We have Princess Bounce Houses for Rent, Frozen Bounce House Rentals, Dinosaur Bouncers, Justice League Bouncers, Football themed bounce houses, Castle Bounce house for rent, Sponge Bob Bouncers, Mickey Mouse Bouncers ans so much more. You can check out our you tube channel to see videos of each. Bounce House Videos.
  2. You should consider Cleanliness of the Bounce House. As you can imagine bounce houses can get very dirty with kids bouncing in them all day. It is important to hire a party rental company that sanitizes their inflatables. At A & S Play Zone, we clean and disinfect every inflatable between rentals. We actually use the same disinfectant as hospitals use on the inflatable to guarantee that you have a positive experience with your jumper rental. Sometimes it may seem like a cheap price for a bounce house rental in Cincinnati, but are you getting a clean bounce house?
  3. You should consider safety of the bounce house. Every person has seen a crazy video of a bounce house. Is is so important that you rent a bounce house from a company that is licensed by the  State of Ohio Department of Rides and Safety. The State of Ohio has rules and regulations that must be followed to insure safety of all inflatables, including bounce houses. For example, Bounce houses are not allowed to operate in winds that exceed 15 MPH and they require adult supervision. Bounces houses are considered amusement rentals and are inspected annually for safety.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       So as you are considering renting a bounce house you might first think who has the cheapest bounce house for rent. While that may seem important, keep in mind that bounce house rental companies roughly all charge the same price. You might pay a few dollars more if you rent from a reputable company like A & S Play Zone party rental, but really $10.00 is worth the peace of mind knowing that your inflatable is safe and clean.

Want to see videos of our bounce houses? Click here

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