A&S Play Zone wondered what would be a fun and exciting addition to our inventory, and the rental item we decided to add was a giant inflatable slide! The best part about this blowup is that it is a water slide and a dry slide, all depending on what you want it to be! So if the weather outside is hot, which Cincinnati can certainly provide, hook up the hose to the built in connector, and let the water and inflatable fun times roll! If the weather is overcast and cool, the giant inflatable Wipe out slide can be used dry, and at 19 feet tall, it is so much fun! So this means that you can have the blowup rental wipe out at a school event, festival, or birthday party in the summer, then in the cool months, take it inside for a carnival, after prom, or whatever you want to rent it for! Wipe out is listed at 19 feet tall, and a single lane slide, and the track can be seen from the picture below and the video. Since the day Wipe out was introduced to our lineup, it has been rented for parties in Cincinnati. It has been rented for parties in Dayton, and it has been to Columbus for big backyard parties! The inflatable slide Wipe out is ready to come to your Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky party!

Check out our Wipeout Slide Rental Video!