Whack a Frog Classic Carnival Game



Classic Carnival Game Rentals – Whack a Frog Carnival Game

A&S Play Zone’s Whack a Frog Classic Carnival Game is so popular among kids, getting them to really enjoy and have fun with the game. The objective of the game is to whack a frog by using the mallet so that it lands safely on the pads without getting dropped in between and into the “water”. The game is very challenging; unless you focus you cannot whack the frog to the pads. The game, Whack a Frog Classic Carnival Game, is completely safe for kids as the mallet and the game set is made of lightweight material and also provided with holdings to give a perfect grip. Rent this classic carnival game and add new excitement to your events. The Whack a Frog Classic Carnival Game has been a favorite of kids for many years, and we’ve brought this out to a number of school carnivals, church festivals, and go especially well with our prizes! Our Prize room has hundreds of great prizes to bring out with any of our carnival game rentals, especially the Whack a Frog Classic Carnival Game. This game also makes it easy to win prizes, so kids will be coming back again and again!