Wax Hands Rentals




Wax Hands Rentals

Wax Hands Rentals are so much fun and very popular for so many events in the Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio area. Wax hands rentals have been popular for decades. They always have the longest lines at festivals, picnics and carnivals. Kids, teen and adults are entertained with this novelty item. You can hear them laughing and having a memorable time. This novelty rental is popular for school carnivals, after Prom Rentals, company picnics and more. When you make the wax hands you can make a single wax hand or replicate holding hands with someone special. It’s really very simple and a memory that will last a lifetime. You start off by dipping your hands into the wax and then putting your hands in cold water. You will repeat this several times to create a master piece. We can even add special colors to make the wax hands look more interesting. When you see how much fun you have with wax hands rentals you will want to add this novelty rental item to every event. Rent our wax hand machine today and bring your next party to life. Make your next event special with our Wax Hand Artists. Get ready to “WOW” your guests at your next party event with Wax Hand Art, a fun and creative hands-on activity for children, teens and adults.

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Call us today to add this entertainment item to your next party or special event. In Cincinnati call 513-315-9110 and in Dayton call 937-885-5454. Call A & S Play Zone Party rental where “We bring Out The Fun In Everyone!”