Soccer Dart Rental



Soccer Dart Rental is an exciting new game that combines a soccer ball with a dart board! The dart board is made of sticky Velcro and the balls are made of the soft Velcro. Kick the ball at the board and see who can get the higher score. This inflatable rental is great for all events. It goes great with sports parties. While you are celebrating your favorite team winning this gives something for all ages to do. It’s also great for birthday party, graduation party, after proms, corporate events and just for fun.

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How to play Soccer Dart Rental

  • The board is numbered from 1-20 to get your points on the Soccer Dart Rental. You play soccer darts by kicking a soccer ball onto different parts of the board. So you are counting your points as you go. Whoever scores the most points when the time is up, wins! (You can create your own time)

Scoring points:

  • Each section has points appointed to it. If the soccer ball lands in the large white or black sections, the kicker scores the number of points appointed to that area. If the soccer ball lands on the small outer red and black ring. Then the kicker triples the score appointed to that space. If the soccer ball lands on the small inner black and red ring. Then the player doubles the points appointed to that section.
  • The red dot in the middle, which is known as the “double bull” or “cork” is worth 50 points. Then the “bullseye,” which is the black ring around it is worth 25 points.