Silver Bistro Bars Rental


Our Silver Bistro Bar Rentals are a perfect way to add seating to any intimate gathering, wedding or rustic event. Allow your guests to mix and mingle around the dance floor with a tall bistro table or add some seating to your cocktail hour! This table can seat or stand up to four guests at a time. Add a centerpiece or linen to your table to pop some color for your event. Consider adding a whiskey barrel for another rustic touch.

Our Silver Bistro Rentals are one of the hottest rentals of the year. Many have added several to create the perfect atmosphere. Imagine creating a rustic feel for your wedding or special event. Check out Pinterest to see what other have to done to bring this alive. We recommend adding a small centerpiece rental to these tables to perfect the look. We also rent other table and chair rentals if you want to only rent a few of the the silver bistros tables. We also Rent Wedding Tents, Party Tent Rentals and numerous types of Party Rentals

Call A&S today to see our silver bistro table rentals for yourself. We would be happy to set them up with your personalized décor and let you take a picture. We are scheduling consultations so give us a call today. Cincinnati Call 53-315-9110 Dayton Call 937-885-5454 . Cheers & Remember to Celebrate Every Day.



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