Pole Tent Rental




Pole tent rentals

are the best option to cover a large area. Pole tents are the most popular style of tent rental for all sorts of uses from party tent rentals, wedding tent rentals, company picnics, tent sales, revival tents and festival tents. Traditional pole tent rentals provide more covered area for less money than any other type of tent rental. This makes a pole type tent ideal for covering extremely large areas efficiently. This type of tent consists of poles on the outside and one or more poles in the center to hold the top up. Pole tents must be staked and can not use weights to hold the tent down. We can stake in grass, gravel and by drilling holes in pavement (which we patch when we remove the tent). We offer pole tents in various sizes from 20′ wide, 40′ wide, 57′ wide and 60′ wide and over 200′ long! We also have sides for your tent as well. The sides come with either a window or solid. A&S Party Rental also has a large selection of tables, chairs and linens for use under your pole tent rental. Give one of our tent experts a call today and we can help pick the right type of tent for your event.

Tent Sizes

20 x 20 40 x 40 57 x 57 round 60 x 40
20 x 30 40 x 60 57 x 96 60 x 60
20 x 40 40 x 80 60 x 70
40 x 100 60 x 90
40 x 120 60 x 100
40 x 140 60 x 120
40 x 160
40 x 180
40 x 200
40 x 220

The general rule of thumb is that a table for eight can be placed under each 10 x 10 section under a tent.

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