Inflatable Game Rental



Inflatable Game Rental for Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio. Looking to add fun games to your next event rental? Try A & S Party Rentals new sealed air inflatable game rental. What does that mean? We hook up a fan and inflate the game, put in a plug and now you can set the game where ever you want with out the need for an electric supply! The new inflatable game rental can come with any one of the four options:

  • Baseball Toss
  • Football Toss
  • Hockey shoot out
  • Soccer kick

With the inflatable baseball toss game there are three holes. Foul ball, home run or strike! Simply aim for the one you want and throw away.

With the inflatable football toss game there are two holes. Aim carefully and let it fly into the outstretched arms of the receiver!

With the inflatable hockey shoot out game there are three holes. Line up your best slap shoot to see if you can get the puck in and score the winning goal!

With the inflatable Soccer kick game there are three holes. Try hitting all three in three straight kicks! Now that takes skill.

If you are looking for an inflatable basketball game then you should look at our cross town shootout.

Give A & S Party Rental a call today to add these exciting games to your next rental.