Frozen Drink Machine



Frozen Drink Machine or Slushie Machine Rental

What better way to counter the hot, sticky summer sun than with a Frozen Drink Machine Rental from A&S Playzone. Quench your guest’s thirst and fulfill their sweet tooth all at once with the many unique flavors for our frozen drink machines. Our Frozen Drink Machine Rentals are an excellent addition to your child’s next birthday party for him or her and all their friends to enjoy. The frozen drink machine rentals can also be utilized at adult events if you are interested in serving some frozen adult beverages, such as margaritas or pina coladas. The machines are extremely easy to use, all you need is the frozen drink mix, water, and ice in a short amount of time you will be enjoying your frozen beverage!

Concession machines are a great compliment to any inflatable rental and are available individually or as part of our packages. Here at A&S Playzone we offer both a 3-Gallon and a 5-gallon Frozen Drink Machine Rental for your guests. Our 5-Gallon machine is better for a larger event and gives you the ability to serve your guests two different mouth watering flavors.

The flavors we currently stock are:
Pina Colada
Blue Raspberry
Southwest Mix
Fruit Punch

Additionally, you can use other mixes as well. The frozen drink machines can also be used for cold drinks. You can place any liquid in tha frozen drink machines and change the settings from frozen to cold and now you have ice cold drinks. A perfect add on for an party rental on those hot summer days.

These machines are 37″ tall 25″ deep and 20″ wide so if you want to pick one up you should plan on bringing a minivan or a pickup truck to carry the unit. They can not be laid on their side because of the refrigeration units.

To make a 2.5 gallon batch of slushie: Add the contents of the flavor concentrate (.5 gallons) plus 2 gallons of water together. Mix thoroughly in a container and pour mixture into the bowl and activate the machine.