Freefall Double Stunt Jump Rental



Freefall Double Stunt Jump Rental is the best way to captivate any crowd! It’s designed for the general public so whether it is an After Prom Carnival, picnic or College Event Rental, you are guaranteed to get long lines of participants! The FreeFall Double Stunt Jump experience is suitable for a wide range of participants from 6-65 years of age. Anyone can do it, and everyone will want to try! The best part is its not only fun to try but also to watch!

This mobile stunt jumping tower can handle large crowds of all age groups because of the over sized stunt mat. Simply, climb the FreeFall jumping tower and jump off from the 12’h platform or the 18’h platform and free fall! The twin-platform is designed so that A & S Party Rental Staff can make sure participants first successfully complete the lower 12’ jump to ensure “proper landing position” technique. Then participants can attempt the higher 18’ platform. If the participant does not successfully jump as per written and verbal instruction, then the jumper does not move up to the higher jump platform!
So what makes the new Freefall Double Stunt Jump Rental so safe compared to old stunt mats? The answer is the Zero Shock Stunt Mat. This newly developed technology uses inflated fingers to provide a soft landing and prevent rolling. If you are looking to add a real adrenaline rush to your next event then give A & S Party Rental a call today and add Freefall Double Stunt Jump Rental to your next order. Join the growing trend of freefall jumping and bring out the Freefall Double Stunt Jump Rental.
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